Steps to Take Before You Try and Lose Weight

Part of the Fat Loss Factor includes these powerful steps YOU MUST TAKE BEFORE you try and lose weight.

Cleaning your liver … your liver is the main organ that processes fat. If it doesn’t do its job well, you gain weight … no matter what you do!

Fat-burning foods … learn to incorporate specific fat-burning foods into your diet. That way, you can still eat your “comfort foods” in moderation.

The truth about exercise … Exercise isn’t as important as you might think. Instead of thinking you have to kill yourself at the gym to lose weight, realize you only need moderate exercise, three times a week. It’s what you eat that is more important.

The #1 fat-gaining ingredient … This ingredient is in EVERY SINGLE processed food you can buy today … and it’s what is making you more and more fat (Careful, there’s powerful interest groups who will do anything to keep this a secret. Billions of dollars of corporate profits are at stake.)

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